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Florida Commercial Building Hurricane Claims Lawyers

Handling Commercial Insurance Claims for Hurricane Damage

Let us handle your insurance dispute while you handle your business.

Your business should not have to suffer if your insurance company fails to live up to its duty to help you recover after suffering a loss. Our team of commercial property insurance lawyers in Florida represents owners of office buildings, malls, hotels and other commercial businesses who’ve sustained covered property damage from a hurricane. We know how to get you the most from your claim after a storm.

Commercial building policyholders include apartments, hotels, condos, office complexes, retail stores, and many others. No matter the size of your commercial building or the extent of damage you have suffered — we have the experience that matters.

Dedicated to assisting you with your insurance disputes

Commercial insurance coverage are often confusing and complex, making it hard for commercial policyholder’s to know what their legal rights are or if they are being dealt with fairly by their insurer. We have an extensive understanding of Florida’s insurance laws and processes involved in challenging and negotiating a claim denial or underpayment. If your insurer has refused to pay for covered damage to your property or has paid too little to repair your property after a covered loss, we can help.

When attempting to deny your claim, the insurance provider may use numerous reasons, including:

  • The specific type of damage that occurred is not covered, or is excluded, under your policy
  • The policy was canceled because the premium was not made in a timely manner
  • The policy holder is trying to make a fraudulent or inflated claim

If you have submitted a legitimate claim in a timely manner, completed all required documentation, and the damage is in an area and of a cause which is covered under the policy, it should be honored by your provider. Full stop.

Our priority is ensuring that you obtain the full amount of compensation you are entitled to recover under the policy. We will pursue insurance companies that have failed to pay what they owe until justice is served.

Helping Victims of Hurricane & Storm Damage

Our Florida commercial insurance attorneys have represented numerous clients who have had a commercial building claim for hurricane damage unfairly denied (including from storms like Ian and Irma), and our team is ready to assist you! If you believe your claim has been unfairly denied, you want to have a team of experienced team of Florida insurance claim lawyers to help you defend your rights and pursue a fair settlement for your claim. Contact Tighe P.A. to learn more.

Property damage and insurance dispute matters are complex. You need effective and trusted legal counsel. You deserve to understand the process, and to have your questions and concerns addressed. We will deliver. Daniel C. Tighe, Attorney & Founder