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Damage to your business or commercial property due to broken cast iron pipes can be devastating, resulting in lost income and valuable time and negatively affecting your employees or tenants. With your business on the line, you don’t have time to haggle with insurance companies over a cast iron pipe claim to receive fair compensation.

Enter: Tighe P.A. We’re an experienced insurance law firm with a background in commercial property damage from cast iron pipes in Florida. We’re not afraid of going up against insurance companies, both big and small, and we’ll handle your cast iron pipe claim or lawsuit from start to finish, ensuring you’re fairly compensated.

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Why Choose Tighe P.A.

When it comes to commercial property damage from cast iron pipes in Florida, there are a few reasons to hire our attorneys for your case:

  • We’ve helped numerous clients achieve favorable commercial property damage insurance settlements.
  • Our insurance lawyers are experienced litigators prepared to take your case to court if your insurance company is acting in bad faith or an agreeable settlement for your cast iron pipe claim can’t be reached. 
  • We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay us unless you get paid.

How We Fight For You

At Tighe P.A., our insurance attorneys have a successful track record of navigating commercial cast iron plumbing insurance claims. We’ll inspect your business or commercial property, evaluate the damage, and represent you in court if necessary.

Our insurance lawyers thoroughly understand Florida law regarding commercial property damage, so they can file lawsuits on your behalf and negotiate the most favorable terms in your best interest. And since our paycheck rests on your success, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you get the compensation you’re owed.

Where Our Insurance Lawyers Handle Commercial Cast Iron Pipe Claims

Our law firm will help you handle cast iron plumbing issues for your business or commercial property that result in property damage, leaking sewage, pest infestations, and health risks for you and your employees. When you work with our commercial property damage lawyers, we’ll be there for you every step of the way of your cast iron pipe claim or lawsuit, no matter the severity of the damage.

Florida Cast Iron Pipe Lawsuits for Commercial Buildings & Businesses

Florida business owners continue to choose Tighe P.A. because we’re Floridians too. Our attorneys understand commercial property owners’ unique challenges due to cast iron pipe damage from tree roots, corrosion, sinkholes, flooding, or insects. Don’t risk your business and the livelihood of your employees by letting insurance companies bully you. We’re here to help.

How Commercial Cast Iron Pipe Lawsuits Work in Florida

Up until 1975, most commercial properties in Florida were built with cast iron pipes. The problem is that cast iron wears down over time. In 1975, we saw the introduction of PVC piping, which essentially rendered cast iron piping obsolete. That still leaves many commercial buildings with old cast iron plumbing, though, which can result in issues for property owners.

If you own a waterfront commercial property, the added moisture and saltwater can exacerbate any existing cast iron pipe damage and leave you with health risks and even a contaminated water supply. That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced law firm right away.

At Tighe P.A., we’ll protect your health and ensure your insurer doesn’t unreasonably deny your cast iron pipe claim. This way, you can get back to business without having to jump through hoops to prove to your insurance company that the damage your property sustained wasn’t due to normal wear and tear.

Ways Cast Iron Pipe Damage Affects Florida Businesses

There are not only structural risks from cast iron pipe damage, but also health risks that can disrupt your personal well-being and put your employees or tenants in danger.

You have to address any commercial property damage right away to protect yourself and your employees and ensure the most favorable financial outcome from a claim or lawsuit. Here are examples of damage from cast iron pipe failure that our attorneys can help you with.


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Water Damage

If your commercial property has failing cast iron pipes, the resulting water damage can weaken the building’s structure. Leaks may result in damage to floors or walls, ruined decor and furnishings, foul odors, and a ripe environment for pest infestations.

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups are common in commercial buildings with broken cast iron plumbing. Backups can create health risks, exposing you, your employees, or your tenants to harmful chemicals, bacteria, and dangerous pathogens.

Tainted Water Supply

If left unaddressed, broken cast iron plumbing can lead to a tainted water supply. Consuming contaminated water can result in health issues from cholera to diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis A, dysentery, and polio.

Higher Water Bills

You don’t want to navigate damage to your commercial property along with higher water bills. Unattended leaks from cast iron pipes can mean you’re hemorrhaging money when it comes to water bills, which is why it’s crucial to identify the source of the leak as soon as possibl

Pest Infestations

Broken cast iron pipes can lead to standing water, which means an ideal breeding ground for pests like rodents, termites, mosquitos, roaches, silverfish, and more. By filing your insurance claim promptly and properly, you’re better able to get the compensation you need for pest extermination services.

Loss of Income

When cast iron plumbing fails, your business could have its operations interrupted or lose valuable equipment and inventory outside of the building itself. The result could be a staggering loss of income. This is why it’s important to file an insurance claim accurately and as soon as possible.

When Should Your Business Hire a Commercial Insurance Attorney for a Cast Iron Pipe Claim?

Once you notice water damage from failing cast iron pipes, you should file your insurance claim immediately. If you wait too long, insurance companies can deny cast iron pipe claims with the justification that you didn’t do everything in your power to prevent further damage. That said, call your commercial property damage attorneys before you contact your insurer.

Working with an experienced insurance attorney specializing in Florida cast iron pipe damage makes you more likely to file your claim properly and get the most financial gain. At Tighe P.A., we’ll help you file your commercial cast iron pipe claim, accurately document the property damage, and represent you in court if necessary so you can avoid lowball settlement offers and unreasonable requests from your insurer.

Cast Iron Pipe Damage FAQs

Cast iron pipes typically last 40-50 years. However, Florida’s humid environment can lower that estimate to about 20 years, so it’s important to have a plan in the event of a break.

Some warning signs that your cast iron pipes are bad or broken include:

  • Pest infestations 
  • Water-stained flooring 
  • Warped flooring
  • Loose or squishy flooring 
  • Sewage odors or moldy smell

Cast iron pipe failure can naturally occur due to deterioration as time goes on. That said, Florida’s climate can contribute to corrosion and increase the odds of broken piping.

After 1975, most commercial buildings in Florida were outfitted with PVC piping. PVC pipes are more durable and less susceptible to corrosion, which is why they’re the current material of choice.

How We Can Help

At Tighe P.A., we’re ready to battle all insurance companies, big or small. You deserve to be fairly compensated after your cast iron plumbing systems fail so that you can get your business back on track and reestablish a safe environment for your employees or tenants. Our commercial property damage lawyers will work with you from start to finish, helping you through the claims process or filing a lawsuit to achieve successful compensation for cast iron pipe damage.

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