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Commercial Property Damage Claims

Commercial Property Damage Claims

Commercial Building Claims Attorneys

Helping Commercial Property Owners with Complex Insurance Claims.

If you own a damaged commercial property, you are probably wondering what type of payment you will be entitled to receive from your insurance policy. Our team represents commercial property owners including apartments, hotels, condos, office complexes, retail stores, and other commercial businesses who’ve sustained covered property damage. 

After a disaster, your first priority is to repair the damage to your commercial property and return to “business like normal.” The longer the damage persists, the more your business will suffer, but repairs are costly. Our Florida insurance claim attorneys assist business owners and other commercial building owners with getting their lives back on track after a major storm.

You should never wait to discuss your rights under your commercial building insurance policy after you have suffered a loss. If your business is suffering as a result of a recent Florida hurricane or other disaster, contact us to learn how our claims attorneys can fight for the full and fair settlement that you deserve.

How Does Tighe P.A. Help with My Commercial Damage Claim?

If you own a commercial property, you do not have the time, resources, or indeed the experience needed to fight with an insurance company and make sure that you are getting the full amount owed to you under your policy. Commercial insurance coverage can often be confusing and complex, making it hard for a commercial policyholder to know what their legal rights are and that they are being dealt with fairly.

We have an extensive understanding of Florida’s insurance laws and the process involved in challenging and negotiating a claim denial or underpayment. Our goal is to hold insurance companies accountable to what they agreed when they wrote your policy. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for Florida businesses and home owners by aggressively pursuing insurance companies seeking full and fair compensation for our clients.

Our commercial building hurricane claim attorneys regularly handle the following (and more):

  • Evaluate the value and scope of your losses
  • Assistance getting quotes for repairs from contractors
  • Preparing and filing the claim
  • Communicating with insurance adjusters
  • Examining settlement offers and negotiating higher offers to cover losses
  • Filing lawsuits against insurers that refuse to offer a fair settlement or who act in bad faith

About Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters often claim they are “neutral” and provide unbiased damage assessments. In reality, many adjusters earn 100% of their income from insurance companies, creating a built-in bias to deny or undervalue property damage claims.

We work with our own expert contractors, engineers, and mold specialists to assess the true extent of the damage, and what it will take to correctly repair your property. We use this comprehensive assessment to compel your property insurance company to provide the full and fair reimbursement for damages due under your policy.

Filing Your Claim

While anyone can file an insurance claim on their own, denials are common when it comes to hurricane and disaster recovery for commercial buildings and properties.

Due to the huge amounts which insurance companies typically must pay out when a commercial building is damaged, property owners can experience delays in the claims process. Then, you may receive a denial letter or a very limited settlement which does not come close to covering the expenses involved with your loss.

Without one of our skilled insurance attorneys on your side, you may unknowingly settle your claim for far less than it is worth. Insurance companies are tricky and they do not want to pay your claim. We know their tricks and won’t stand for denied or lowballed claims.

Consult with Commercial Building Claims Lawyers Today

By hiring the right insurance claims lawyer handling your claim, your chances of receiving the full recovery you deserve can be improved. Our team has recovered tens of millions for commercial property owners. We know the “whole playbook” of tricks that insurance companies and adjusters use, and we will not back down and you are fairly compensated for your damages.

Our commercial claims attorneys will aggressively pursue all avenues of recovery for your claim to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free case consultation or policy review with us, call 855-LOSSPRO (855-567-7776). 

Commercial property damage and insurance dispute matters are complex. You need effective and trusted legal counsel. You deserve to understand the process, and to have your questions and concerns addressed. We will deliver.
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