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Was Your Insurance Claim Denied? How Our Property Damage Attorney Can Help in Southwest Florida

Tighe P.A. – A Property Damage Lawyer Who Will Get You the Money You’re Entitled To

As a homeowner, it’s the responsibility of your insurance company to protect you and make you whole again when damage is inflicted upon your property. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an insurer to do everything in its power to deny a claim and avoid their responsibility to you. That’s when you need an experienced property damage attorney.

At Tighe P.A., we’re prepared to be your tireless advocate in all circumstances relating to property damage. Whether you need help with a roof damage insurance claim in Naples, hurricane or storm damage in Bonita Springs, or any other form of personal property damage in Southwest Florida, our attorneys will be at your side fighting to get you paid what’s rightfully yours.

Legal matters pertaining to insurance are highly complex and difficult to navigate, and an insurance company that is acting in bad faith is hoping that you’ll either obtain subpar legal assistance or that you’ll become so discouraged that you won’t fight at all. But, you should always fight back when your insurance company attempts to deny your claim. And that’s exactly what the experienced team at Tighe P.A. is here to help you do.

Hire a Law Firm that Offers Unrivaled Results

There are many lawyers out there, but when you’re choosing your attorney, you want one that offers experience and results. At Tighe P.A., that’s what we deliver.

Daniel Tighe, Esq., has been practicing property damage law for decades, over the course of which he has helped hundreds of clients with a comprehensive range of insurance and property damage related legal issues. Powered by a team of over a dozen insurance claim attorneys, Tighe P.A. has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars for its clients.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at what client Alejandro L. of the Palm Planning Group has to say:

“As someone who understands the insurance world, we really appreciate a lawyer like Daniel Tighe who truly understands how to get claims paid. Daniel is friendly, knowledgeable, and we highly recommend his services to dispute insurance claims!”

If you’re dealing with a property issue related to a roof damage insurance claim, consider this testimonial from roofing contractor Brian B.:

“We work with Mr. Tighe and his legal team on an ongoing basis dealing with denied insurance claims in the State of Florida. He works hard and gets the results that we expect from him time and time again.”

In other words, Tighe P.A. delivers the results you’re looking for.

Our Areas of Practice

At Tighe P.A., we handle all matters pertaining to property damage, with a particular emphasis on damage relating to hurricanes, water, or fire. If you have a roof damage claim, or you need a hurricane damage attorney for any reason, we should be your first call.

We also provide legal counsel when your property damage results in personal injury. These are often difficult, complex cases to navigate, but our team is highly skilled and relentless when it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve.

That also means ensuring that you’re compensated for any and all damage to your home or commercial property. The first thing most Floridians think about when they consider property damage is their roof–especially in the wake of a hurricane–but it goes well beyond that. Externally your property can receive damage to its roof, windows, or to any other aspect of the structure, while the interior can be damaged by flooding. And let’s not forget your yard. Landscaping, off buildings, and any other outdoor element to your home should be covered too. And with Tighe P.A., you can rest easy knowing that every element of your property is protected and that your insurance will pay out accordingly.

First Steps to Getting Your Florida Property Damage Law Firm

So the storm is over and you’ve checked to make sure that everyone is safe—that means now is the time to contact your personal property damage attorney.

The key to getting your insurance claim processed and paid quickly and in its entirety depends on you filling out your claim correctly then submitting it fast. Your property damage attorney can assist you in this.

If all goes well you’ll receive a check promptly, but if your insurance company begins to drag out the process or denies your claim in part or in full, this is when having an attorney is essential. Our team will spring into action, and we will fight for your rights tirelessly until you get what you’re owed.

You’ve already got enough on your mind, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your insurance will come through. Let the property damage attorneys of Tighe, PA handle that.

Why Would Your Storm or Roof Insurance Claim Get Denied?

The hope is that your insurance will work how it’s supposed to and that you’ll get paid fast and in full, but we all know that it doesn’t always go that way. An insurance company will attempt to deny your claim for any number of reasons, but the bottom line is that they’re often going to try to get out of paying you however they can.

When you have Tighe P.A. on your side, however, you can count on having a tireless fighter in your corner that isn’t going to give up. Our experienced attorneys have helped hundreds of clients recover more than tens of millions of dollars, and we’re here to help you too. From drafting notices informing your insurance company of your intent to seek remuneration, to negotiating settlements and handling court hearings, to making sure that your insurance company adheres to the inevitable order to pay, where here to fight for you every step of the way.

So don’t let your insurance company push you around. When you have a skilled, experienced, and relentless property damage attorney on your side, you’re prepared to push back, get paid, and get your property repaired so that life can get back to normal.

If you’re looking for a property damage lawyer who will fight for your rights, contact Tighe P.A. today at (855) 567-7776 to schedule your free consultation.

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