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Melbourne Insurance Claim for Roof Hail Damage: Get the Help You Need

Promptly Filing an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage in Melbourne is Essential to Your Case

After the hail storm that recently hit Melbourne, many homeowners suddenly find themselves dealing with hail roof damage and a mess to clean up. And you might be wondering: Does home insurance cover hail damage? And how do you file a roof hail damage insurance claim?

At Tighe P.A., we provide the answers and assistance you need — right here, this post.

How Tighe P.A. Can Help Melbourne with Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claims

If you’re not sure whether or not your roof is covered for hail damage, we can help you sort through the insurance legal jargon to find out. And whether it does or doesn’t, our team can help you sort out your options, and take the best next steps for your particular situation. 

The first step involves filing an insurance claim for hail damage, which means assessing the extent of the damage then submitting all necessary paperwork. At Tighe P.A., we have an extensive network of contracting professionals who can help accurately determine the level of damage, and we know how to properly investigate, complete, and submit your claim to ensure maximum payout.

And if you’ve already submitted a claim and had it rejected, our services are indispensable. Oftentimes insurance companies deny first and litigate later, hoping that you won’t appeal their unfounded decision. We’re here to mediate a settlement, whether that means settling out of court or arguing before a judge. 

Bottom line: we’re here to fight for your right to get paid what’s yours.

Melbourne Residents, File Your Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim Today

At Tighe P.A., our team of highly skilled attorneys offers decades of experience assisting with insurance claims. We’ve helped hundreds of clients secure nearly one hundred million dollars in recovered funds, and now we’re here to do the same for you.

If you need help filing an insurance claim for hail damage, or your claim has been denied and you need an attorney who will fight for your rights, Tighe P.A. provides the experience and determination you need to get paid what you’re owed.

For legal assistance with your Melbourne hail damage insurance claim, contact Tighe P.A. today at (855) 567-7776 to schedule your free consultation.

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