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What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need for Condo Association Insurance Issues?

Does Our Florida Condo Association Need an Insurance Lawyer?

When you’re responsible for a condo association, you face a range of unique challenges. Perhaps first and foremost among these involves the necessity to maintain the reputation of your association, and to uphold the property and membership value. That means not only ensuring that the structures and properties remain in outstanding condition, but that when damage does occur, it is repaired promptly. That means dealing with insurance companies, which is in itself no easy task. That where a lawyer becomes indispensable.

So what kind of lawyer do you need for condo association issues? Let’s take a look.

The Benefits of Retaining a Condo Association Insurance Lawyer

Your Florida condo association can benefit from the support of an experienced insurance lawyer for many reasons:

  • Initiating new policies

Should the need arise for your association to initiate a new insurance policy or alter your existing one, it’s no secret that an insurance company will try to use complex language to obscure loopholes or otherwise create opportunities to deny coverage. That’s when you need a lawyer to help you wade through the legal jargon and make sure that your association is fully covered, come what may.

  • Filing damage claims

When damage does occur, it’s important that your claim is filed quickly and accurately. Most policies include a timeframe that a claim must be filed within, and a claim that hasn’t been filled out correctly can result in at best a delayed payment, and at worst an outright denial. By having an attorney for your condo association damage claim, you increase the likelihood that it will be processed quickly and successfully.

  • Litigating denials

If the worst happens and your claim is denied, a lawyer’s services become absolutely essential. Sometimes the situation is as simple as navigating a refiled and more accurate claim. In other cases, the situation just needs mediation to come to a settlement. But oftentimes this means going to court to fight for the rights of your condo association, and it takes a skilled lawyer to ensure that the litigation process goes your way.

Insurance law is a highly complex matter. Not only are the legal issues surrounding it complicated, but you’ll often be facing large entities like an insurance company or bank that has vast resources at its disposal. You need legal representation that is up to the task.

That’s why you need Tighe P.A.

Tighe P.A. – the Premier Condo Association Insurance Attorney in Florida

At Tighe P.A., you’ll find the experienced service you need to navigate and overcome the complexities of insurance law. Our team of lawyers and co-counsels has helped countless clients recover tens of millions in payments, and we’ll provide the positive outcomes you’re looking for.

Whether you need someone with the legal experience necessary to help you set up an effective insurance policy, assistance with filing a claim, or someone to fight for your condo association’s rights, Tighe P.A. has you covered.

When your Florida condo association needs an experienced insurance lawyer, contact Tighe P.A. today at (855) 567-7776 to schedule your free consultation.

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