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Get Help When Your Insurance Company Is Not Paying Flood Claims in Naples

Insurance Company Is Not Paying Flood Claims? We Offer Solutions

Few things can be as stressful as dealing with an insurance company that’s acting in bad faith. Your home has been damaged and all you want to do is get life back to normal, but all of a sudden your insurer is denying you the money that’s rightfully yours—money that you need to make repairs.

So what should you do when your insurance company is not paying flood claims in Naples? Contact Tighe P.A.

How Tighe P.A. Can Help With Your Flood Home Insurance Claim

At Tighe P.A., we can provide assistance with every aspect of your flood home insurance claim. Have questions about how flood insurance claims are paid? We have answers. Need help with the filing process? We can help to make sure that your claim is filed correctly to maximize your potential for a full, prompt payout.

And if your insurance company is not paying flood claims for any reason, that’s when our services become nothing short of essential. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of insurance law to fight for your rights, and to ensure that you get paid what you’re owed.

What’s more, we provide a range of information about homeowner’s insurance and legal issues on our blog. These cover a comprehensive range of property damage and insurance topics, such as information about flood damage for condo associations, advice on seeking legal aid for insurance issues pertaining to condo water damage, and more.

Contact Tighe P.A. When Your Need a Lawyer for Flood Damage

What makes Tighe P.A. your first call when you need a lawyer for flood damage? Our team of more than a dozen attorneys and co-counsels possesses decades of experience handling a comprehensive range of legal matters pertaining to insurance. We’ve successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in denied claims for hundreds of clients throughout the State of Florida. 

In other words: When you have insurance claim or settlement needs, we get results.

For legal assistance with your flood home insurance claim, contact Tighe P.A. today at (855) 567-7776 to schedule your free consultation.

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