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How Can Your Property Damage Lawyer Help After a Hurricane?

You Need a Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyer for When the Weather’s At Its Worst

Typically speaking, life here in the Sunshine State is rich with sun and fun, but as you know all too well, every once in a while the weather takes a turn for the worst. Whether it’s a severe storm, a tornado, or a full-blown hurricane, wild weather has a way of inflicting itself on home and hearth, and when that happens your investment needs to be protected. That’s where your hurricane property damage attorney comes in.

Your lawyer can assist you with every step of the insurance process, and the support of an experienced attorney can be invaluable in the event that your insurance company attempts to deny your claim.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from an experienced team of legal counsel.

How Can Your Attorney Help?

A skilled property damage lawyer can help even before the storm hits.

When you’re navigating a new insurance policy, it can be difficult to know what’s included. For example, does your hurricane insurance cover water damage? It should, but it’s easy to overlook this question only to find out that your policy doesn’t include it after it’s too late and the flood has already come and gone. To avoid this eventuality, your hurricane property damage attorney can help lay the groundwork for full coverage from the get-go.

Then when the storm hits, your lawyer can assist you with filling out and filing a claim to ensure that you build as solid a case as possible for maximum payout. An experienced insurance claim lawyer is highly skilled at helping you claim all roof damage, damage to your yard or grounds, and generally finding damage issues that are easy to overlook.

What’s more, having your claim prepared by a lawyer serves as a powerful statement of intent to your insurance company. If the company is looking to save money by denying claims, you can bet that they’re going to deny those of clients who haven’t retained a lawyer.

A Legal Team Is Essential When Your Claim Is Denied

When an insurer denies a claim in part or in total, they’re hoping that you’ll simply accept their judgement and walk away. If they offer anything less than your full claim, never accept it. You deserve what you’re owed, and this is when your hurricane property damage lawyer is essential.

An experienced hurricane property damage attorney knows how to recognize the bad faith behind an insurance company’s denial, then will fight to make sure that your claim is overturned and that you get paid what’s yours.

Bottom line, as a property owner in Florida, your homeowners insurance must cover roof and wind damage, water damage, and fire damage, and an attorney is your best resource for making sure that your policy includes it all. Then when damage does happen, you’ll have a professional on your side to fight for what you’re owed.

Tighe P.A. – an Insurance Claim Law Firm Offering Experience and Results

The team at Tighe P.A. offers more than 20 years of experience fighting for its clients’ rights. Comprised of a team of more than a dozen highly skilled lawyers, Tighe P.A. gets results. In the past year alone, the firm has helped over 300 clients recover in excess of $75 million.

When it comes to offering hurricane property damage lawyer services, Tighe P.A. delivers total support. From helping you navigate the complexities of a new insurance policy, to ensuring that you file a comprehensive claim in the event of property damage, to following through and making sure that your insurer pays what you’re owed, Daniel Tighe and his team of licensed attorneys are here for you.

If your property damage resulted in injury to you or one of your loved ones, Tighe P.A. also provides personal injury counsel. These can be challenging cases to win, but the team at Tighe has helped countless clients secure the compensation they deserve.

Why Would an Insurer Deny My Property Damage Claim?

You might be wondering why your insurer would deny your claim. It could be that there was simply some issue with how the initial claim was filed, and it could be that your company is just acting in bad faith, plain and simple. In either case, a hurricane damage attorney can help you get the money you’re owed so that you can get life back to normal.

That’s why it’s important to have Tighe P.A. on your side—there’s nothing like having an experienced team helping you every step of the way.

When Do I Call My Lawyer?

Ideally, you already have an attorney like Tighe P.A. on speed dial who is familiar with your insurance situation. Once a storm hits and you’ve verified that everyone at your home is safe, call your lawyer immediately for assistance with your claim.

With a properly completed claim, the hope is that your reimbursement will be released to you without delay. But if time drags on or your claim is denied, it’s time for your attorney to spring into action. Don’t wait, because the longer you do the longer it will take you to get what’s yours.

Hire a Hurricane Property Damage Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Let’s go over what a skilled  attorney can do for you:

  • Help with navigating new insurance policies and make sure that you have all the coverage you need.
  • Provide assistance with filing a claim in the event of damage, thereby ensuring that your claim is completed in its entirety.
  • Fight for your rights if your insurance company is slow to pay, denies your claim in part or entirely, or otherwise acts in bad faith.

At Tighe P.A., our team of focused attorneys will do all of this for you and more. We’ve helped hundreds of clients secure tens of millions of dollars in payouts, and we’re here to help you.

If you’re looking for a property damage lawyer who will fight for your rights, contact Tighe P.A. today at (855) 567-7776 to schedule your free consultation.

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