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Insurance company denying your condo association damage claim?

Partner with Southwest Florida's premier insurance claim attorney and take back control from your insurance company.

Our Practice Areas Include:

  • Hurricane Damage

  • Fire Damage

  • Water Damage

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    "As someone who understands the insurance world we really appreciate a lawyer like Daniel Tighe who truly understands how to get claims paid. Daniel is friendly, knowledgeable, and we highly recommend his services to dispute insurance claims!"
    Alejandro L.
    Palm Planning Group
    "We work with Mr. Tighe and his legal team on an ongoing basis dealing with denied insurance claims in the State of Florida. He works hard and gets the results that we expect from him time and time again."
    Brian B.
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    Daniel Tighe

    Tighe P.A. is a legal firm specializing in condominium association damage claims resulting from hurricanes, storms and other natural disasters in Southwest Florida. Our experienced team of licensed attorneys is committed to ensuring you receive maximum compensation from your condo insurance company, and provides a full range of services and solutions to help return your property to its original condition — or better.

    With decades of experience, company founder Daniel Tighe, esq., has helped hundreds of clients navigate the complexities of various insurance dispute matters. Thanks to an exceptionally high success rate, Dan has recovered over tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

    At Tighe P.A., we tenaciously advocate for your property insurance company to fulfill their complete obligations to you in a timely manner. If you’ve been wronged by your insurance company or need a legal expert on your side, don’t wait — contact Tighe P.A. today.

    Services Offered

    If your condominium association’s insurance company denies your storm damage claim, the Southwest Florida attorneys of Tighe, PA are here to help you collect the maximum amount possible.

    When your insurance company acts in bad faith and denies your rightful claim, our condo association property damage attorneys are here to fight for your rights.

    Our team works relentlessly on behalf of your condo association and in the best interests of the building, in order to maximize value and compensation for every resident.

    The Southwest Florida condo association attorneys of Tighe, PA are experts at managing class action litigation against insurance companies, banks, and large corporations. We’re relentlessly dedicated to fighting on your condo association’s behalf, and ensuring it’s made whole.

    What should you do next if a storm damages your condominium association?

    Once you’ve determined that the impacted area is safe, inspect your condominium association’s property to the best of your abilities, and make an initial damage assessment. It’s common for emotions to run high immediately following a storm, but it’s important to file your condo association insurance claim as soon as possible. Be sure to take extensive notes and documentation, including photographs. Carefully examine all areas of Association property, with particular attention paid to any possible roof damage. It is essential that you document all damage whether small or large. Remember that anything you overlook might not get covered by your condo association’s insurance claim.

    Next, contact your insurance company, followed by your county emergency management agency. Remember that it’s important to file your claim quickly, as many policies limit the time available to you to file. Request an insurance adjuster inspection, and be sure to have a contractor on hand to verify that the adjuster makes a fair determination. Contact Tighe P.A. immediately so your Southwest Florida condo association’s property damage claim is initiated correctly with your insurance company from the beginning. Whether your claim has been denied partially or in full, our attorneys are here to fight for what you and your condo association are rightfully owed.

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